Thursday, 29 January 2009

Cogito ergo sum: on being a blogger

Get me, my own blog. I am down wiv da kidz, oh yes. Anyway, so, my first post. All about me. My life. What make me tick. Erm.

Ho hum, ho hum, ho hum . . . oh, I experimented with using Macros in Word at work today. Yeah. And we put some humane traps down to catch a mouse that's been living in my colleague's drawer and pigging out on her Bourneville chocolate. And I ate a Jaffa Cake.

Ok, so I made that up about the Jaffa Cake. I was just trying to liven things up, I actually only had a clementine. Sorry.

Having never considered blogging before, I've been thinking a little bit about the whys and wherefores of blogs lately. What people share on their blogs; what motivates them to share their innermost feelings; to expose activities, opinions and lifestyles both mundane and magnificent. And I've come to the conclusion it centres around immortality: that by creating a record of their lives and thoughts, they verify their own existence. That by revealing via an international public medium more than they would perhaps tell to a close friend, they enter a part of themselves into an international consciousness, ensuring their continuation. Or it could be yet another human invention to aid procrastination. Anyway, as an atheist I'll sign up for a piece of Existence Pie any day, so sit back and relax while I share with you the full mediocrity of my innermost soul.

So me. Stuff about me. Ok, here's a list of me-related things which I think are important.

  • I like knitting, reading, comedy and films both classic and modern, being angry and ranting about various social injustices I feel impotent to fix.
  • My politics are liberal in nature. I may or may not be part of the fictional "PC Brigade".
  • I am a humanist.
  • I am a feminist.
  • I am from Yorkshire but no longer live there. Once upon a time I did a degree in English Literature. I'm in my late twenties and trying to combat a growing sense of ageing and my own inevitable mortality.
  • My favourite cheese is mature cheddar.
  • I don't eat meat, but would not criticise anyone else for doing so.
  • I help out with a Rainbow group. That's little girls aged 5 to 7.
  • I live with two cats, one hamster and one boyfriend.
  • I have no wish to marry or reproduce, and am annoyed by the expectation that I should want both these things. I would like to adopt children at a point in the future when I am secure in my career and finances.
  • I have been known to do a bit of creative writing, very badly.
  • My favourite sites to waste time on are Mailwatch, Ravelry, the BBC news site, Wikipedia, The F-Word and of course Facebook.
  • My favourite book is Catch-22.
  • My favourite film is probably Casablanca.
  • My plans for the weekend include adjusting some curtains for the knackered old 80s campervan we recently bought, watching Top Gun, drinking gin and tonic and sleeping.
  • I am currently reading "When the wind changed: the life and death of Tony Hancock" by Clive Goodwin.
  • I am currently knitting a Forest Canopy Shawl for my aunt.
  • I am currently thinking "I wonder why I decided to start a blog on the understanding that anyone but me really cares about my life or opinions?"
  • I am currently drinking Douwe Egberts coffee.
  • The Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright really gets on my wick.

Well, that's all folks. More to come within an unspecified period. That's right; contain yourself.