Wednesday, 11 November 2009

=On Armistice Day=

"Wear your poppy with pride," I'm told,
"Wear your poppy with pride.
Wear it for those who have fallen
For those who have suffered, and died."

Limbs that were bloodied and broken
Hearts left deserted and cold
Youth that was shattered and wasted
Boys who could never grow old

Families whose homes were left empty
Their loved ones for cenotaph wreaths
Children caught up in the crossfire
Lives of despair and of grief

Battlefields peppered with corpses
That once were our people, now lost
I'll remember each person who fought there
But still more, I'll remember the cost

For the sake of the lives that were taken
For the sake of those who have died
I'll feel anger, and sadness, and horror
But I'll never, no, never, feel pride.

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